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Uitreiking OnderwijsTopTalentPrijs

Op 11 oktober reikte Minister Van Engelshoven de OnderwijsTopTalentPrijs uit op het Da Vinci College in Leiden. In totaal 38 studenten dongen mee naar de prijzen. Voor overzicht van de kandidaten, het programma en de jury, zie de uitnodigingskaart.

Zuzana Molcanova

Fontys Lerarenopleiding Tilburg
My research/project describes a beautiful journey of 4-havo students throughout their intercultural discovery.

By observing this journey, I was able to conclude that using multicultural literature in my classroom fosters intercultural competence of 4-havo students. My conclusions are based on the findings which revealed that multicultural literature, specifically The Kite Runner (Hosseini, 2003), stimulates curiosity, discovery, respect, and empathy of students by withholding preconceptions and by recognizing people’s different ethnic backgrounds. My students were able to evaluate their behaviour and reflect on their own thinking and meaning-making process. Simultaneously, my research illuminates the process during which my students enhanced their sociolinguistic awareness by adopting intercultural words and expressions, by acquiring the ability to interpret imagery used by the author of the book and by tolerating different inferences and interpretations of multicultural text in the classroom. In addition, I also argue that multicultural literature stimulates students to think about the way how they experience their own culture.